//A Rechargeable LED Headlamp is necessary in our daily life, WHY?

A Rechargeable LED Headlamp is necessary in our daily life, WHY?

What is the rechargeable LED headlamp?

1.  What’s is headlamp (rechargeable LED headlamp)?

Rechargeable LED headlamp

Below the explanation from wikipedia:

A headlamp or headlight (known as a head torch in the UK) is a light source affixed to the head for outdoor activities at night or in dark conditions such as caving, orienteering, hiking, skiing, backpacking, camping, mountaineering or mountain biking. Headlamps may also be used in adventure races. Headlamps are often used by workers in underground mining, search and rescue, surgeons, and by other workers who need hands-free lighting.

This rechargeable LED headlamp come with a USB charge port and use many times instead of disposable.

2. Bring you our rechargeable LED headlamp

The Rechargeable LED headlamp is come with a usb port charging with below feature:

1. Multi-angle adjustable design, adapt to different environment needs.
2. High elasticity nylon fiber headband with adjustable buckle to adapt to the different head shape, make you achieve the best wear experience.


White Light: Ultra Bright, Low bright, Strobe Bright. Red Light: Ultra Red Bright, Strobe Red bright.


Charge fully from any USB port in only 6 hours and provide up to 30 hours of constant light on a single charge. Mini USB charging cable is included.


Weighing only70g/2.5oz and with its easily adjustable, elastic headband, LED Headlamp is perfect for anyone who needs a headlamp.


160 lumen led (300 feet beam) with WHITE & RED lights + 60 degree adjustable make this headlamp bright and most universal

outdoor safety headlamps

3. how the rechargeable LED headlamp works?

night running led headlamp

What’s the rechargeable LED headlamp light source?

Light Source: CREE XPE 3W Light Bead Light Output: 160 Lumens Run Time: 30 Hours

How many different types of the rechargeable LED headlamp?

  • Switch Type: White Light Switch + Red Light Switch
  • Switch Mode: High>Low>Strobe (White Light Switch Mode), Full Red Light – SOS (Red Light Switch)

In a word, it’s so useful and necessary to own a rechargeable led headlamp our daily life, especially for outdoor activities and dark place, such as,night running,caving,underground mining,orienteering you need a flashlight, especially sometimes you need a flashlight or hands-free led headlamp,further more, other activities, like hunting, gear, hiking, searching, backpacking when you head bright head lamp or head torch, this rechargeable LED will be the right device to recommend you.

Please contact us if you want be the distributor for this small but useful device, with OEM logo printing and package design!

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