//CNPJ is requested for Brazilian customers importing!

CNPJ is requested for Brazilian customers importing!

What is the CNPJ?

The details explanation from WIKIPEIDA:

CNPJ (short for Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica in Portuguese, or National Registry of Legal Entities) is an identification number issued to Brazilian companies by the Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil (in Portuguese, Secretaria da Receita Federal).

Up to 1998, the CNPJ was known by the acronym CGC, which stands for Cadastro Geral de Contribuintes (General Taxpayers Registry).[1]

The CNPJ consists of a 14-digit number formatted as 00.000.000/0001-00 — The first eight digits identify the company, the four digits after the slash identify the branch or subsidiary (“0001” defaults to the headquarters), and the last two are check digits.

Brazil CNPJ

When the CNPJ is needed for ?

  • when we deliver the goods to the Brazilian customers.
  • When we use DHL, Fedex, or UPS send samples to Brazilian customers.

The CNPJ is needed for the Brazilian customers to calculate the importing duty rate when their importing goods from other countries. You can get this CNPJ if you register a company.

What you can do if you don’t have CNPJ, but you need import goods like samples?

In this way, it means the CNPJ is belong to the company. if you don’t own a company, and you need importing samples from other countries, what you can do?

—– CPF, your personal tax code.

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